BRITTAN | Product & Services
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Product & Services

Brittan Healthcare Products

Parenteral Sets and Cannulas(various)

Administration Sets

Stitch Cutters(various)

Procedure Trays for wards and surgery

Temperature Management Products

Surgical Instruments(various)

Gravity Intravenous Sets and related Accessories

Imported Branded disposable products(components for manufacture)

Wound care and Orthopaedic bandage range

Gauze Swab Products

General Medical Disposables

Miscellaneous Disposable Products

Needles and Lancets(various)

Cotton Wool Products

Pouches and Bags(various)

Applicators and Sticks(various)

Therapeutic Support Products

Rapid Diagnostics Test

Brittan Healthcare Offering

  • Primary Care

    Sourcing, Manufacturing and Distribution of disposable Healthcare products.

  • Medical Device Manufacturer

    Medical Device Manufacturer specializing in sterile gravity sets and accessories, and sterile medical procedure packs and trays.

  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Service

    The Company offers an Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Service (ETO) to other medical device manufacturers and distributors.

  • New Products

    New Manufacturing Opportunities and New products

  • Packaging of Textile Products

    Value-added (benefaction) and packing of gauze swabs, bandages and other surgical textile and cotton non woven

  • Sterile Procedure Packs

    Manufacture of specialist sterile procedure packs and dressing trays.

  • OEM Sterile Needles

    OEM sterile needles for the
    local market.

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Pharmaceutical packaging to local regulatory specification.

  • OEM Assembly

    OEM assembly and sterile packing.

  • Rapid Urine Tests

    Rapid Diagnostics Test.

Why Choose Brittan Healthcare

Focused on gaining market expansion in the Sub-Saharan and the European region

Rigid in our distribution channel

Good quality product and packaging

Extensive range used in the current market

Newly installed cleanrooms for manufacturing and packaging

National Reach

Dedicated sales force

Knowledgeable and experienced